I most probably would not be making any sense. I’m not exactly in the mood to writing something that actually has some sort of value. This post… is literally a messy rant post made up with my tangled thoughts. Beware. 


As the last week of my holidays arrives, I progressively enter a more melancholy state of mind. I have to admit, it really isn’t anywhere near healthy. But then again, the way I spent my entire vacation was absolutely terrible either way. The way I wasted pretty much all my time at home doing pretty much absolutely nothing.

Honestly, all I’m trying to do is just to spend this last week to reconnect with myself. Trying is most definitely the keyword here. I have absolutely no clue how I can even begin to reconnect with myself. All I actually feel like doing is just lying in bed and possibly just sleeping my days away. It most definitely sounds great, but it would also unfortunately mean that I would be wasting a great deal of time.

Clearly, my writing this post means that I hadn’t picked that option and decided that at lease watching something on the internet would be slightly more worthwhile. Though, I must say, it hasn’t even been worthwhile at all because I’m pretty much only rewatching episodes and shows that I’ve already watched. I should probably get to watching movies in which I had been preparing to watch. But somehow, the idea of turning on the other laptop is not so appealing.

Ah, I just remembered! I have finally changed the theme of my blog. I don’t know if I’ve made the right choice, but I frankly think it doesn’t look too bad. All it lacks is… a more suitable header. In which I probably would get to looking for one once I finally get off the MacBook and start using my own laptop. So yeah, frankly, I just hope that this theme would make it easier for you to read my blog posts. I believe the fonts are slightly bigger?

Frankly, I don’t even know what I’m actually trying to achieve by writing this post. No, to be exact, I don’t even know what I have in mind to write here as I open this ‘new post’ up. I suppose, I could write about what I’ve been doing for the past two days. But that would probably bore your minds out because frankly, all I did was to watch TV shows (that I’ve already watched), nap and did a little yoga (surprisingly). Yeah, I’ve finally gotten my ass off my bed, pull out my yoga mat and did a bit of yoga. And yeah, it does make me feel slightly better. Not as relaxed as I had felt normally after a yoga session back when I was still having S&W in school. But… It does make me feel more relaxed.

Now I honestly just don’t know what to write about. I suppose I could write about my melancholy mood, but I don’t think there’s even anything to write about that. I’m just feeling extremely moody and completely unmotivated, most possibly because school starts next fucking monday and it just feels like I’m preparing to head back to war. And… I don’t know, I’m just not very keen on that idea.

Or maybe it’s just because my brain just kicks in and starts thinking back at my entire life: all the rights, all the wrongs, having more wrongs than rights. It’s quite very depressing. All the ‘battles’ and chapters that happened, how many ‘battles’ I’ve actually lost and succumb to something else. I don’t know, all these things just instinctively kicks in and makes me feel… grouchy.

So yeah, I’m pretty sure this is how my week is going to be. Moody, grouchy, all of that stuff. I have to go out with my parents tomorrow to collect my new spectacles. As much as I’m pretty excited about collecting my spectacles, the idea of leaving home with them is not at all appealing. I want to stay at home. If that could be met, I’d be fine.

That’s ’bout it.

Have a better week than mine ahead!



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