Halo there!

So, I came back on wordpress today after being MIA for two days, I think, and realised that they’ve relocated the sidebars. It’s getting a little disorientating now. With the way they’re just moving things. Not to mention, it’s really not quite easy to go to my blog’s dashboard anymore. :X Oi WordPress, sort your crap together, will you?

Just a little small update from my last post… The whole collecting my spectacles thing didn’t go so well. In the end, it turns out that they’ve made a mistake with my specs, and mine only… And I had to basically go through the whole process again, to make my new specs. Yeah, I would definitely be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed. But some part of me was just, ‘see, you’ve been anticipating it and this happens.’

And with that being said, something triggered in my mind and reminded me of this video of Tom Hiddleston I’ve watched quite some time ago. Just watched it again and giggling as hell. Because ‘de-layed gra-ti-fi-ca-tion’ and ‘so you’re saying if me wait, me going to get cookie’. Oh god it’s such an adorable video, even if you’re not a fan of Tom Hiddleston.

So I suppose, maybe in some ways, the event of me walking out of the shop without a new pair of spectacles kinda could be considered as delayed gratification. Maybe it’ll feel better by collecting it a few days later, I don’t know. And I wouldn’t know either, not until I’ve collected my spectacles.

I can’t believe I just wrote three paragraphs on me not getting my spectacles. :O

In other stuff, um, I actually haven’t been doing much. Not that I actually want to be doing much. I spent yesterday sitting around, kind of. I finally got off the MacBook yesterday and turned on my own laptop. And, finally got to watching The Hobbit movies. And frankly, I can’t really believe how long I’ve been putting it off. I mean, it’s pretty damn brilliant. Doing some other things in between, I only finished watching both the Hobbit movies at almost 4am last night. And slept slightly past 5am. Which probably explains why in the world I woke up so late this morning. I suppose, that and not having anyone to jolt me awake.

And yeah, basically, I’m pretty excited about Battle of Five Armies.

Only after realising that the whole Middle-Earth thingy is pretty dang cool, now I feel like watching the Lord of the Rings movies. 😛 But I think I’ll only watch them after I finish watching BoFA, since those events are supposed to happen after anyway.

On Wednesday, I believe I spent it catching up on TV shows. And I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do today. I suppose I’ll do the chores, have lunch and probably just… go and watch more movies. Hahahaha. But right now, I’m too lazy to do the chores man.

Have I ever mentioned how I detest waking up late? I hate it when I sleep past the morning. Well anyway, I suppose that’s enough for now. I don’t have anything else to write about really. Plus, I really don’t want to bore you guys.



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