Into Battle.

Hello again!

Ayyyy, let’s see if anyone gets the reference I made, again. 😀 I wouldn’t hold out too much hope though.

No, I’m currently stuck in a very mixed, almost neutral emotion. Almost because there’s a part of me that’s just going “ugh” at the thought of getting up early, going back to school, back into battle. Even the thought of it makes me quite very depressing and frustrating.

I don’t know man, I suppose, these aren’t good emotions? The ones that I’m feeling? But, oh, I really just don’t know where I’m going with this. And this post will probably end up being extremely short because my mind has apparently chosen not to give me any good topics to write about on this RSN post. Therefore, you’re unfortunately stuck with my brain on an almost-endless rant about almost everything.

I had dinner at a Korean restaurant just down the road from my place. And… tonight’s dinner just proves the fact that my taste buds don’t exactly agree with Korean seasoning/food. Okay, maybe my “not hungry” stomach has some input towards that, but… Really though, um, none of the food on the table really appealed to my taste buds. I’m not saying that it was bad… But I’m not entirely saying that it’s extremely delicious either. I suppose, maybe I haven’t tried enough Korean food to actually make a judgement, or… I haven’t tried it on an actual good day where my stomach didn’t scream for me to stop eating. So… Yeah, I walked out of the restaurant really full because I wasn’t hungry to begin with.

The rest of the weekend was spent in a very… “I have to cherish this sort of weekends” mood. I didn’t really do much this weekend. Just accompanying my mother around places, shopping (sort of) with my mother.

If I were to be completely honest with you right now, I’m actually sitting on my sofa leisurely waiting for the kettle to whistle and I’ll get back into my room to finish up the latest episode of Doctor Who, Flatline before I go to sleep. Just so that I have cleared all the unwatched episodes of the shows that I’m watching.

Going back to school, in some ways, feels like going back into battle. I guess, that’s why I’ve got mixed feelings about it. Either way, there’s literally no way to avoid going back. So, I shall not even begin to try.

I apologise for the short, short post tonight. But really, the thought of going back to battle just makes me want to hide in the trenches and, idk, die?

Have a great week ahead! 🙂


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