And here comes another pathetic update about how life has been since school reopened on Monday. But really though, WordPress, this whole new ‘my sites’ layout just to get to my dashboard is not making it ANY easier. Do something about it man.


I hope you’ve had a nice Monday/Tuesday? This week, we officially go back to school. I really wouldn’t say that it’s been unpleasant… But, I’d definitely say that going back to school after 7 weeks of rotting definitely took a little time to take use to. Everything just feels familiar, but it’s not exactly the same anymore.

Frankly, I can’t even comment much about how this new semester will be like. I’ve only met two of my lecturers. :O One who’s extremely strict with punctuality and another whom I think have lived here for many years and still has an accent. That being said, I’m pretty sure both lecturers are nice people. 🙂

The reason why I’ve only met two of my lecturers even though it’s been two days is because… My lecturers decided to give us an off day today. One of them, who I’ve never met, who has the bulk of today’s time decided to cancel class. And the other, being the nice lecturer that she is, decided that she’ll give up her tutorial slot just so that we don’t have to go back to school for one hour only. So, I end up having a day where I’ve got no lesson. In the end, I still went back to school because… Well, my friend sort of offered to pretty much my entire CCA a job of packing letters.

Yeah, it’s actually a legitimate job and we do get paid by the school. I guess, it’s pretty awesome. And it kinda gave me a glance at how every letter that we receive from the school is packed by humans and not machines. But it’s definitely some hardcore admin work, I swear. It’s quite insane really, considering how many students actually goes to our polytechnic. The folding of the actual letters, slotting the letters into the envelope and then sealing it. Not to mention the things that Student Services have to do after the mail have been prepared.

I suppose, the action is completely simple and the task at hand is pretty easy to do. But the thing that made it a “not so easy” job was that the whole task was extremely repetitive. Especially since it’s faster to pack the letters only when you’ve got different people doing different things. And because of that, it’s just extremely repetitive and idk, it just makes me feel a tad bit… blank. It was so repetitive up to the state where I actually zoned out and starting making the wrong steps. Maybe it was just me, though I highly doubt so.

I’ve actually stepped away for a couple of hours and now I have absolutely no idea what I was writing about. Oh, after walking around campus, I honestly have this overwhelming urge to get a foldable bike so that I could cycle around campus, honestly. It’ll be much cooler in terms of both temperature as well as, idk, how people see me? I suppose? Oh gosh I don’t even know.

Right so… as I sit here trying to write my post, I’m slowly dozing off to sleep… So… Um, yeah. I don’t even know what I want to write about anymore.

Oh!! Cycling around campus! Yeah, the thought has arrived in my head for more than a couple of times. There are just so many problems along the way though. Like, how in the world am I going to bring it to school when the bus is absolutely extremely packed when I go to school. Also, where in the world am I going to put my bike aside to? I mean, I’m pretty sure not every lecturer would be lenient enough to let a bicycle in. :O

It is really all just talk though. As much as I would love to have a bike in school… I don’t know if it would bring about more convenience or more trouble.

I would honestly want to write more, but heck, I’m dozing off even as I’m sitting at the table. So…. I think I’ll just wrap it up here. I’ll write again very soon, I hope.


Happy Deepavali to everyone out there! It’s a wonderful holiday even though the date has been changed and so many people have absolutely zero clue.


‘Til next time!



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