One Week In.


It has only been one week since I’ve gone back to school and I’ve already written quite a number of things to accomplish over the weekends. I do have to say, it’s quite intimidating, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do everything. Because as I’m walking home from the bus stop, I started thinking about writing the next chapter to my story.

(I’ve been working on a story since the end of last year, after I’ve completed my O Levels. However, due to some unfortunate writer’s block and laziness to sort out all my thoughts, I’ve stopped after writing chapter four.) And of course, my crazy “screw-loose” brain decided that it would suddenly want to write a new chapter just as the new semester starts. I have a very good feeling that I wouldn’t be able to write anything during this semester. But at the same time, I do actually really feel like continue writing just because I usually write more during the end of the year. So… I guess, we’ll just see what happens then.

I’ve noticed this crazy thing that I’ve never noticed before. It’s quite insane really. On Tuesday as I walked past a particular block, I’ve already noticed people studying. STUDYING! Second day of school and they’re already studying! Alright, I’m really not saying that it’s a bad thing, but I’m honestly just very, very surprised.

Oh anyway, the other reason why I can’t really start writing is because… I’m waaaay too lazy to start sorting out my thoughts around the story, and also because I’m probably going to be too busy cracking my brain for speech topics. I’ve somehow ended up getting myself two slots in two weeks. I’m… nuts, yeah, I know that.

I tried coming up with a speech last night after I came home, but to completely no avail. I don’t understand a single bit why. But… I can’t really do anything about it either. Sigh.

I guess I’ll just have to try to craft up something over the weekends, while trying to be ahead of people and read my lecture notes prior to lecture.

With that being said, I’ll probably have a lot less time and energy to write here. And therefore, I’ll be reverting back to one TOTW post a week with the possibility of a RSN post on Sunday nights. *shrugs* Sorry guys.

With that, I’m gonna end this post and vacuuuuum my house. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!


BY THE WAY!!! The Benedict Cumberatch wax figure by Madame Tussauds is just flipping PERFECT okay! I really want one 😦 Okay, byeeeeeee!


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