Hello there!

I sincerely hoped that you’ve had a wonderful weekend because, frankly, mine wasn’t all that great.

My Saturday was almost pretty much spent in a very crowded McDonalds trying to keep the prying eyes away and to drone out all the voices around me. After which, it was just like any other ordinary Saturday where I’ll end up at my cousin’s place. Today was… almost worse. For some strange reason, my body decided that it was so darn tired that it’ll sleep till past 11 o’clock in the morning. It’s quite ridiculous, really. And yet, I woke up with some irritating headaches and an aching body.

Just now while we were out, my mom looks at me and say, “your eyes look so tired”. I have to admit, I was a little taken aback but, I did nod and agree because my eyes does feel very tired.

I don’t know what I originally had in mind to write. Whoops.

Anyway, originally, my mom and I agreed that after she was done with her hair (why I was at McDonald’s waiting) that we could either go to Vivocity (which is kinda at the edge of the country) or Ikea. In the end, she took about three hours, and by the time she was done, it was well past 6 o’clock. By then all my mood to go out have already vanished and I really just feel like curling up somewhere and go to sleep. I don’t know man, I think it’s the heat that’s really been affecting me? These days I can’t get through the day without wanting to go to sleep once.

I… don’t know if I’m making any sense.

But anyhoo, today… almost the same things happened. We got out of the house late, had a very late lunch thanks to a certain someone. And by the time we had time for ourselves, we don’t really have the mood to go to Ikea anymore.

Throughout this entire weekend, I’ve just been in a very contradicting mood. I was telling my mom, “I don’t feel like going home, but I don’t feel like going shopping either.” I don’t even know how to put this into actual comprehensible words.

In other words, on one hand, I feel like going home and sleeping. But on the other hand, I feel like going to Ikea and get my leg muscles moving. It’s just a very contradictory mood. Because we really actually do feel like going to Ikea, but the idea of just going without anything that we want to get in mind is just really off-putting. Especially since it’s Ikea and I never really ever go to Ikea without spending the entire day there. It’s just strange not to. And plus, personally, I find the idea of going shopping on a Sunday night also a little too off-putting. Yeah, and there’s only school to blame. x.x Damn.


I really just have no idea where in the world I’m going with this post. I think I’ll just stop here before it escalates into something even more wibbly- wobbly.

Right then,

Have a great week ahead and I’ll write soon!


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