As I start this post, I actually have no idea what I’m going to write about. Plus, it’s really late on a school night and so… Bare with me if I go a little out of point. Or if my writing ends up making no sense whatsoever.

Hello there!

This week has been… slightly different as compared to last week. For starters, there isn’t any public holiday this week. In which, I don’t know about you, but that really made me upset when I realised that I’m returning back to a five-day school week instead of having four only. Plus, I actually learnt a lot more things this week than last week.

Monday and Tuesday went by like any other day. I was almost pulling my hair out by the time it got to Tuesday because it was so damn boring. And it’s just so… routine. I don’t know man, I just kinda hated it. Not to mention, Wednesday’s classes wasn’t exactly something that anyone would look forward to either.

I only have four classes on Wednesdays, but thanks to having three breaks in between every bloody class, I start at 9am and end at 6pm. It’s frankly absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention, one of the tutorials have led me to decide that there was literally no point in having the tutor around while another lecture just made it known to me that the people in my course that are from the other ‘path’ is frankly horrific. This was simply just because we had a lecture from 4 to 6pm where the entire course’s year 1 was attending. And for fuck’s sake, throughout the entire two hours, there was just non-stop babbling in the background. I swear to god, it was the noise that made it impossible for anything to be absorbed by my mind.

It was only until SpeechCraft after Wednesday’s lessons that I had a different take on how the week went.

So.. Basically SpeechCraft is a speech contest organised by NPSTMC where members of the student body could just take part and give speeches about their choice topic. It would be, of course, judged completely on the speech itself. I… actually took part because I was… peer pressured into it. Sort of. It was just that quite a number of people was taking part in it. And I thought, oh well, why in the world not. So… I did, I knew that I probably might not get through to the second round because on Tuesday night while preparing for it, I didn’t have a good speech crafted out.

Anyway, I gave my speech, didn’t get through to the second round, and I am surprisingly not that disappointed. I mean, obviously I am a little disappointed. But… I don’t feel that bad because honestly, I know that I could have given a much better speech. And that this SpeechCraft, I’m really just learning from it. And also kinda taking the opportunity to clear another project.

As of right now, I just realised that I just might not be able to complete five projects by the end of the semester. But who knows, right? Maybe somehow or another, I get the chance to speak? Oh well.

Today went well. I started class at 12, ended it at 330, sort of? Hung out at the club room for a bit, then had dinner at Makan Place. Eventually attended tonight’s Halloween-themed chapter meeting. In which I almost died of laughter because I swear to god, Noah wearing the cape-like thing and Nathaniel holding it up as they ran was one of the funniest thing ever. Anyway, I also took on a role tonight as the Ah-Counter. And I have to say, this job just really isn’t fun at all. But oh well, it was an experience that I really had to try it to understand it.

So yeah, I guess… I just wanna say… Let’s just take every ‘failure’ of ours and make it into something positive and something to learn from.

It’s…. almost 1:30am and I’m still sitting at the living room. I have completely no idea what time I’m going to sleep or whether or not I can actually wake up tomorrow morning for class.



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