I hope you’ve had a great weekend! Mine… wasn’t that good. I spent an hour yesterday morning crying. And now the shower in my bathroom is just disappointing thanks to the lower water pressure now. I mean, I’ve always looked forward to coming home to take a shower after a trip to anywhere because often in hotels, the water pressure is always soooo small.

Anyway… I don’t know why in the world I ended up ranting about that.

So… Today has been a crazily lazy day. I surprisingly woke up really early this morning, but still ended up wasting my morning on various activities like watching How To Get Away With Murder, YouTube videos and whatnot. I only started actually bring productive at 4 plus, after taking a nap. I had to take a nap because the heat was just coaxing me to sleep, and for some strange reason, I was feeling really tired too. So yeah, an hour plus worth of nap and a cold shower did the trick of waking me up.

I had to search some information about bullying. And I’ve come to realised that there is a very, very thin line between bullying and honestly, genuinely teasing. Why do I say this?

Now, as we all know, as friends, sometimes we tease each other for maybe having a lot of male friends, or doing something that’s completely different from everyone, etc. Oh you know what I’m talking about. And honestly, we do not have any ill intentions in our teases. However, if you take the same teases and fill them with ill intentions, it becomes bullying.

I’m not quite sure how to put this in a way that wouldn’t sound awkward. But… Technically, you could actually be bullied everyday without you even consciously knowing. I mean, sometimes people curse at each other for some things undone or some things unpleasant, but did you know that spitting vulgarities at someone else is also considered as verbal bullying?

So… I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this, and my mind is kinda out of it…

I just wanna wrap up by saying… In your every day life, even at home with your parents or siblings, just pay close, very close attention to what kind of words, actions are you acting upon. Your actions could subconsciously end up be treated as bullying by someone else.

I, myself, am confused at what I’m saying. 

Have a great week ahead!


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