Cough, Cough, Cough.

Hello there!

I really do hope that you’ve had a much more wonderful week than I did! I mean, my week wasn’t that horrible, but it wasn’t fantastic either because more than half the time I was sick. And then from Wednesday on, my sinus and flu have further developed into coughing and now I just randomly go into coughing fits. x.x It’s bloody terrible, actually, because I’ve coughed so much that I’m already starting to get a headache. The next thing on the list would probably be stomachache too.

Anyway, this week has been a variety of different things, actually. Though, I feel like my tolerance for this week is higher than last week’s? I don’t even know. Oh well.

Some interesting things happened, I guess. Nothing much happened on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday… I was just sitting at one of the study areas at one of the blocks (strange how that floor doesn’t have it’s own name), and I was really trying to read my lecture notes. But 1) I was really, really sick of the module, 2) I was having a slight headache, 3) I was really sleepy. I think. So… In the end, I kinda just ended up sitting there staring most of the time into blank space or texting someone.

For some strange reason, as I was just replying a text, a girl wearing a Nurse uniform came by and placed a packet of white sugared peanuts on the table. If I didn’t remember wrongly, I think she said something along the lines of “Hello! This is just something to make your day better :)” And I swear, I have to say, I was really surprised. Because this obviously have never happened before, and did I really look that sad? Then I realised that, maybe it’s not sad I looked. It’s probably that I looked really tired, since I haven’t really had a good night’s sleep since Monday.

Sleep these couple of nights have been so terrible. I cannot remember whether it was on Monday or Sunday night, but the heat still wasn’t that terrible. Come the next night, I slept till about 3 plus, I think? And then I was just woken up by the heat. And despite my flu, I was just like, “oh fuck it, I’m just going to turn on the air-con because it’s just too goddamn hot.” The subsequent nights weren’t that warm, but I didn’t sleep well either because I started coughing. My mom was also saying that my eyes looks really tired. And honestly, they actually do feel as tired, if not more.

But yeah, that really made my day. But in the end, idk, my day still kinda got ruined because the last lecture of Wednesday was terribly stuffy and warm, due to the lack of air-conditioning. And my headache didn’t even go away because it was just too goddamn noisy in the lecture theater with more than half of the students talking non-stop. It was the most unworthy battle of the week, tbh.

Thursday went by okay, I guess. I can’t even remember what exactly happened. I know I had class, and class went by… quite alright, I guess. There weren’t much from the tutor though, because we were mostly researching and afterwards speaking one by one. So… there weren’t much there. Chapter meeting wasn’t much either. There weren’t many speakers, some people weren’t exactly around. And the main highlight was really the workshop, which was really helpful too. But either way, there really isn’t much to talk about regarding yesterday.

Today… I don’t even know how to start describing about today. Oh! I finally tried the herbal tea that they’re selling at Makan Place. And I have to say, it is not bad! But it’s not great either because I still haven’t stopped coughing. I mean, normally I would cough less, but even after drinking the herbal tea, that didn’t happen. 😦 hmm… let’s see what else… I think that’s about it.

I’ve got so many things on my to-do list but I am still sitting at the sofa with this laptop on my lap, blogging and having no lecture notes on the table. This really doesn’t sound good.

Alright, I better start because I won’t really have much time to do my work tomorrow.

Have a great, relaxing weekend!



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