Hello there!

I know it’s slightly early in the week to write a TOTW post, but at the same time, I feel a little guilty for not writing a RSN post last night. I couldn’t really beat myself about it, considering the fact that I was really preoccupied with something else. That something else being attending my cousin’s wedding banquet.

I frankly don’t know what to say about it. I mean, I’ve never really had any much to talk about during weddings. But… I’ve come to realise that it was way more interesting for my mother than it was for me. I mean, at lease she had “long time no see” relatives to talk to. I clearly don’t. Plus, honestly, a lot of the relatives, I’ve never really seen before. I don’t know man, I’m even starting to believe that maybe going to a friend’s wedding would be much more fun than going to a relative’s wedding.

But last night, I’ve come to realised something yet again. I believe my dad has mentioned this before, but… it only occurred to me last night that it should really be done.

You know how at weddings, they’d dramatically show how the newly-weds grew up, with all the embarrassing photos from their childhood, up to the day that they meet each other? Wouldn’t that whole idea be much, much more meaningful and interesting if people did such a thing at funerals?

At funerals, of course, instead of showing only up to the very day the person got married, we’d show a montage of the person’s start of life, up to the very end of it. Wouldn’t that be much more meaningful?

We’d be able to know more about the person’s past, how that person got to where s/he was before they passed. And we’d also get to know about what sort of a person they were from the eulogies. So if you mix these two ideas up together, wouldn’t it make funerals much more meaningful in terms of remembering the passed?

Just a thought.

Oooh! Congratulations to Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter on their engagement!! *inserts confetti emoji*

Have a great week ahead!


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