Did you have a good weekend?

I don’t really know how mine went. Didn’t really pay attention as to how it went. I tried making a great deal of effort not to leave my laptop alone yesterday morning just so that I could finish my tutorial before heading out. I can’t remember if I’ve written this anywhere before, but I really miss having homework and tutorials to do when I get home. It’s just that, now that I don’t have those, I don’t even have the motivation to turn open my books to look through them.

So far, it’s been quite a disappointing month. November’s the month of the space on Discovery Science but, I’ve been on the brink of collapsing from tiredness. Therefore, I haven’t even had the chance to watch any of the shows for like, the entire length of the show.

It’s almost as if my body battery never gets completely charged up. It’s quite distressing really. I wake up, my body’s all awake but my mind’s either struggling to stay awake or to get up. It’s quite sucky, actually.

I went to watch Interstellar on Friday night with Fiona. And… Without giving any spoilers, I’d just say… It was good, but certainly not excellent. I’ll just leave it at that.

I actually currently have something in mind to write about but, I can’t really find the motivation to explain it. It’s a little tedious, but at the same time, it isn’t. I’m actually getting really sleepy as I’m typing this. My eyes are half-lidded and… I believe if I crawled under my blanket right now, sleep would just engulf me.

Maybe I’ll leave this topic for another time. I’ll… head to bed now.

Have a great week ahead!


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