Hello there!

I don’t know why I named this post with that title, actually. I honestly actually have no idea what to write about because this week has just been a mad rush to complete my project that is due tomorrow. I guess it’s a relevant title because the whole mad rush is all because I have been procrastinating throughout the weeks since it has been given to us.

This project was actually given out, I think about 3 weeks ago. At first, because of my laziness and believed that my group mates are more than competent to do the relevant research, I decidedly let them handle it and told them that I’ll just do the compilation.

Little did I know, the instructions to the project was so vague that almost everyone started getting confused with them. There wasn’t exactly an actual boundary as to how much should be researched. But then, after reading the instructions a couple more times, I realized that my group mate has been doing it wrong. And I only realised it on Monday. Which was 4.5 days away from my deadline. Talk about “oh crap, I’m so dead!”

So anyway, I dedicated my entire life from Tuesday onwards to this project. Originally, by the time it was 1 in the morning on Wednesday morning, I was just too tired to continue on and decided that I’ll just complete it all by Wednesday night. The thing is that, my own deadline for myself was Wednesday night. But, the amazing thing was that, after spending the morning doing the almost all of the Business Continuity Readiness (BCR) things and continued working on the project…

I FINISHED IT BEFORE 2 IN THE AFTERNOON!!! *cues all the happy confetti*

I swear to god, I’m so happy that I managed to finish it such that I even have the chance to just relax all day and indulge on YouTube videos. Which I probably shouldn’t have because I’m so behind on my revision for my term tests. I mean, SERIOUSLY behind.

And this is all thanks to the simple idea of procrastination, to be honest.

Well, anyway, I should probably be doing some revision now instead of just typing away right now.

‘Til next time!



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