Unapproved Laziness.

Hello there!!

I don’t even know what’s the point of creating this post. Alright, I guess it’s just to write a little about what’s been going on. And it really would be a short update because I’m really supposed to be studying.

It’s…. a little distressing, the way I’m slacking my butt off and really having no way to know whether anything I’ve read has actually been retained into my brain. But honestly, all I really need to do now is just to read all of my lecture notes out loud multiple times. That seemed to work many times before this… I’m just too lazy to even read it out loud. x.x

I feel like… I should be nonchalant towards things and yet I’m really just so easily affected by all the different things that has been going around. I don’t know man, I kinda feel like sticking around with myself was so much… nicer, calmer and much less dramatic. I’ve really got to put a filter to my mouth though, the thoughts that I have really should stop coming out so naturally. Zen is the way I’m planning to craft out my 2015.

Anyhoo, term tests are next week and… I’m still not at all motivated to study. I’ve been watching people around me study, and I know that I should be studying and yet at the same time, I choose not to and go on YouTube or play Let’s Get Rich. Well, I guess my only consolation is that: at least I’m not addicted! There’s this group of people in my class who keeps playing it… But I guess, I know why. It’s especially addictive because you can play it with your friends. And it’s flipping Monopoly! How can you ever hate playing Monopoly?!

Along the line, I’m getting confused as to what exactly this post is supposed to be about. Oh right, my procrastination and laziness to do anything productive. I swear, I wanted to get up early this morning and start studying. I did get up early, but look where I ended up. I ended up playing on my phone and started blogging. -_-

Anyway, I need to get my head back into my study game and get the 4.0 that I really, really want. I feel like I’m barely working hard enough to get my 4.0. Goddamnit. x.x

And if there’s anything that I’ve learnt from last sem is, never ever start studying at the last minute. But LOOK WHAT I’M DOING NOW. Ffs.

Alright alright, I might not be posting next week, I’m not quite sure yet, I might just surprise everyone and write one. 😛

‘Til next week.



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