Sharing Thoughts.


I really do just want to first apologise about not writing anything last week. I have been busy trying to study for my term tests and I didn’t really have time to blog. Plus, on the day of my last term paper, I had camp with the awesome people from NPSTMC. That was really just why I didn’t blog throughout the whole week. I hope nobody thought that I had died somewhere! 😛

I’ve learnt so many things over the last weekend, actually. I’m not going to list down everything, I’m really just commenting. Coming so much closer to some people is just making things so much easier. And yet as I think back upon it, I’m confused as to how in the world I have gone from being a very closed person to a person who feels the need to share my every thought with people.

I know for a fact that I’ve almost always never shared my thoughts about people to other people because I worry about people not accepting/ judging/ being affected by my thoughts. That’s why I’ve never really shared my thoughts to people. But these days, I feel like I am telling almost everyone about how I feel about things. I just feel like… It’s so risky and at the same time… scary. Because most of the time, I really don’t share anything good about people. Which is of course something that I really have to change. Bad things should stay in my head and good things should be the things that are being shared.

I feel like I need a negativity filter in my head in everything that I both consciously and subconsciously do.

Do you feel like you’re always sharing unfiltered thoughts with your friends?

On a completely different side note: Guess who got herself a Moleskine planner!!



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