Rewind Twenty-Fourteen.

I don’t think I remember there being ever a year where it has felt so long. This year felt so long and it was filled with so, so, so many changes. And I honestly mean it.

It was the first time I’ve opened my year by staying up all night, waiting to live stream The Empty Hearse. If I didn’t remember wrongly, and pardon me if I did (considering it has been twelve months now), I had to stay up till 5am to watch it. And I even ended up on Tumblr after watching the unbelievable episode until 8am before collapsing into bed. Clearly 2014 is the first time I actively made myself stay awake just to watch a show. A brilliant show at that. And honestly, it was worth it. All the all-nighters I’ve pulled to watch Sherlock was worth it. The episodes were so wonderful and I honestly cannot imagine if I hadn’t stayed up to watch it and waited. I probably would’ve died of suspense.

It was obviously the first time I had ever received my O’s results. Come to think of it, I actually pulled another all-nighter on that night before the day I took my results to watch His Last Vow. Surprisingly stayed awake throughout the day. 😛 My results wasn’t as good as I had expected it to be, but it was good enough. Of course I was disappointed at how it really wasn’t up to my expectation, but there honestly was nothing I could do about it. What I was surprised about was how I was so determined to get into a science course in poly but still ended up going into a business course. Sometimes I still feel like I’m in the wrong course but y’know what? This course is interesting and has its perks on it’s own. 🙂

I finally experience for the very first time of my life to work outside of my parents’ company. And I have to say, it wasn’t entirely a fantastic experience. There were so many more downs than there were ups. I didn’t work for long but in that short period of time, there were so many days where I dreaded going to work. I dreaded the days where I had to walk into work and look at face(s) that I didn’t enjoy looking at. But there were days where an occasional customer or my co-worker makes work easier and perkier. And those days are the days that I lived for in those months. In those short months, I’ve come to learn that I’ve got so many flaws, so many weaknesses, so many things that I have to work on that comes back to haunt on me. And frankly, those are the things that I am really going to work on in 2015.

In between all those work days was filled with movies, Tumblr and handsome actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. It’s quite very insane how crazily fond of them I’ve become over the course of a couple of months. I’m not entirely proud of it but frankly, I’m not ashamed of it either. They’re all amazing and they are absolutely wonderful and being such perfect distractions. 😛

Out goes the work and in comes school in a completely new environment mixed with new school, new people, new academic year that’s completely different, new teaching styles. Wow. I have to say, the first week of school was actually really, really tiring. I mean, we’re talking about months out of school and suddenly thrown back into school for hours. My time-table was particularly unforgiving. Mondays especially, for my first semester. But you know what? I got used to it, and I lived through it. Honestly, poly was actually quite a pleasant change in terms of my academic life. I mean, at least I don’t hate school that much now. Sometimes I think that I don’t even hate school anymore. Sometimes doesn’t come very often though. Poly gave a very free environment, an environment that I actually am not quite sure whether it suited me more. But you know what? I thrived. At least for my first semester, I thrived in this environment. Halfway into my second semester and I’m not thriving that much anymore. But really, the change in school really did give me so much more to learn from. Finally having new people to observe and learn from, making new friends that I really needed to survive through my first semester of new environment, attempting to find new ways of studying.. All that was, idk, brought about not only by the change in pace but possibly also because of a more… disciplined lifestyle? Honestly, I’m just pushing myself way too high of a ground that I should be. Being a part of NPSTMC really made a difference in how I survived my first semester. I mean, honestly, there were weeks where every single thing was unbearable until Thursday where I didn’t have to see my classmates and I got to see my TM mates in the evening.

And then semester break brought about a whole new journey of TV series watching! I started my Doctor Who adventure and loved every flipping second of it. And I honestly meant by every second. Sure, there were episodes where I was skeptical about, there are characters that I can’t say I like, but it’s all part of the show. And it’s completely undeniable that the show is freaking awesome! And of course, the journey of Doctor Who then brought about my journey with Torchwood, where laughter and ‘ewwww’ came about. But seriously, Captain Jack Harkness is awesome and that’s really all that matters. 😀

Reading also came back into my life after discarding it over the course of my end of 2013 holidays. I’ve never been happier getting books off the shelves and reading them. Sure, it gets distressing when I’m reading and I suddenly fall asleep but it really is just a perfect way to start or end a day. 🙂 And just so you know, Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories are so flipping entertaining!

So many things have happened this year that made it feel so long. So many things that happened this year that brought about my own understanding and learning about all sorts of different things from self-improvement to how people’s personalities. So many things that happened this year made me really cherish the times I spend with my family and friends. So many things happened this year that made me wish that staying at home would’ve been better. So many things has happened this year that brought about so much change.

This year has really been filled with ups and downs. This year has really been filled with tears and laughters. This year has been filled with learning. Because with all the changes, all the ups and downs, everything was just a reminder to me that… There is something to learn from everything.

And I just want to thank every single person who’s been there, at any point in my life, for giving me the opportunity to learn. For giving me joy and laughter. For putting me down. For letting me down. For making me happy. For making me sad or angry. For every single little thing that you’ve done.

Thank you very much because without you, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn about you, about myself, about anything. Thank you very much because without you, the year wouldn’t have been half as fun as it would’ve been.

Thank you.

Have a great year ahead and

Happy New Year!!!!! 

*cues fireworks*


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