I’ve been procrastinating so much ever since school reopened and I’m not particularly proud about it.

However, I do have to talk about a few things.

I’m running out of things to write about these days. Especially since I haven’t exactly been observing things from my life. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be hearing about things I’ve been doing recently, because now that school’s back, there really isn’t going to be much other than going to school in a crammed bus, surviving school like a zombie, and then going back home, hopefully in a bus with seats available.

There’s really nothing more to it nowadays.

Therefore, I’ve decided to leave the whole “at least one post a week” thing behind and post whenever I like. Sure, I will still try to blog on Sunday nights, but I doubt those nights will be coming very often these days.

Honestly, when I came out of the shower just two hours ago, I told myself that I was going to read my lecture notes before watching Doctor Who on my laptop. I haven’t started watching doctor who but I’m still using my laptop and I haven’t put it down since I turned it on. It’s quite pathetic how I’m allowing my laptop to control my life. Gosh, it’s like there’s nothing more anymore.

It’s not exactly a full first week back yet, but so far… there really hasn’t been much. I’m kinda just trying to return back to routine and yet at the same time trying to make minor changes here and there. It’s not that easy, considering how my books are on my table and I’m still not giving any attention to them. In which, I should probably get to reading them before watching the episode of Doctor Who in which I fell asleep from last night. (I didn’t fall asleep on purpose!)

I hope everyone’s doing fine, whether or not you’re back in the same semester or you’ve started a new year.

And… gosh school’s gonna be packed with people for the next two days, oh my goodness. 😦

Yup… That’s probably all for now. I’ll write again soon.



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