You know what?

I’m not sorry that I haven’t been myself these few weeks since school started for the year.

I don’t know what was the trigger but I’ve been experiencing so many emotions in this short period of time. Most of which had not been very positive. Most of these emotions that I’ve been experiencing have been putting me down, pushing me down into the depths of my own uncertainty. My own uncertainty that I don’t know how to remove.

All these emotions push me back into who I used to be. The quieter, more reserved person that essentially hates life, hates more people. It pushes me to become someone that I haven’t been for some time. A time so long that I don’t remember how it felt like. Now, with these emotions flooding in me, it’s just so overwhelming.

I’m so done with these emotions and yet I can’t get them out.

But, just a little shoutout to everyone who had asked me if I was okay… I lied when I said that I was. I’m really not, but I believe I will be soon. Still, thank you all for your concerns.


I’m not sorry for being so cold these couple of weeks.

What does that make me?


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