I never thought that I would actually write about this until I watched The Imitation Game today. The movie really just triggered this out of my mind. For the record, Alan Turing is flipping amazing.

I have always been different. Throughout my entire life. But the thing that I’ve never really understood is why is it that different people treat different people differently.

That’s a lot of different in one sentence.

I was born with a physical defect. I was born with a cleft palate. Well, look it up if you don’t know what it is. But clearly, because of that, I was already born looking physically different. Of course, I went on to have surgery when I was really young and I look more normal now, except for the minor detail of an uneven nose. Last I checked, that still made me look physically different. I was lucky though, much luckier than many of the sufferers from cleft that are unable to get treatment.

But because of this, I was treated in many different ways. Back when I was younger, I would be so self-conscious about it, and I would hate it when people talked about how my nose looked different. I would very much hate it when people think that my uneven nose actually affected my breathing. And yes, at that time, I found those people idiotic. But you know, as the years go by and as I mature, I came to understand that nobody really sees it. It’s not a very common thing to see cleft among people when you walk along the streets. And I suppose, their ignorance is explainable.

These things that I’ve experienced, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they scar me emotionally. But I would say, they have given me the opportunity to learn. To let me learn that being different doesn’t fucking matter because what would it even be like if everyone was the same? What would be the point of having varieties?

I guess… What I’m trying to say is… If you find that you’re treating someone differently because of your own prejudice against someone who’s different, could you please stop and think about how it makes them feel? I don’t want to go full on and talk about empathy. But just stop and try to think about how your actions make people feel.

They’ve already suffered growing up different. Why would you want to add on to their pains? Don’t do it because it’s how you get your kicks.

Just stop.

And think.


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