I’m very much a homebody. I usually prefer staying at home rather than roaming the streets. I usually prefer sitting at home doing absolutely nothing than strolling through the malls.

Usually being the keyword.

There’s usually not much to the life of a homebody. It usually consists of endless hours of watching movies/dramas/videos, reading books, writing, singing, and all that stuff. It’s like a little chill out session in the wonders of our own home.

But as of everything else, there’s always two sides to the coin. Being a homebody usually means that you don’t get out much. Being a homebody usually means that you’re missing out life outside the four walls of the place you call home. Being a homebody usually means that you’re not enjoying every moment of your time potentially exploring, experiencing something new.

There’s that eternal dilemma in me that I don’t think I’ll ever know how to satisfy. On one hand, the homebody in me is always telling me to stay at home or to go home (if I’m already out). On the other hand, the explorer in me is always telling me to get out there or to stay outside.

As the hours wind away as I’m out at the malls, the inevitable question that would pop into my mind is: “should I go home yet?” And there will always be the weighing of “going home to sleep/watch TV dramas” versus “staying out and potentially spotting something I like”. It’s almost as if these two things are archenemies and are constantly fighting for my attention. More often than not, I can’t decide and somehow or another, I will end up staying for about thirty minutes more before heading home.

Now that I think about it… This dilemma is really quite ridonkulous.


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