As far as I can remember, I used to be a very observant child. And last I checked, I still am /quite/ an observant person. Except, things have changed.

Nowadays, I’ve come to realize that I have been turning it off a lot. Nowadays I walk along the streets and everyone that walks past seems to be a blur of the same thing.

But is it, really?

Along the years, I’ve come to forget that everyone’s different. I’ve come to forget that there are always exceptions to a group of people, I’ve began grouping too many people into one category. Along the years, I’ve stopped looking, stopped watching the exceptions.

I do not know… What to say about this. Is it… A good or a bad thing?

I might never know. 


One thought on “Observations. 

  1. I wouldn’t call it a bad thing but I think every individual is completely different from the next, people might have similarities but there are so many things that make us different from our taste buds, preference in music, the temperature that makes us comfortable, our experiences in life and how we come out of them and most importantly what our purpose is in life. I am the opposite of you where when I was young I used to group people together, especially in high school, but now as an adult I see just how different everyone is and how you have to approach each situation with people differently depending on who they are.

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