When my age was still single digit-ed, I would get frustrated, angry and upset when a friend of mine stops hanging out with me and starts hanging out with new friends. I would get upset when I lose contact with ‘friends’ who moved on to their new class community even though we still walk past each other along the corridors.

As I grew older, the agitation and frustration subsides. As I grew older, everyone moved on. Friends from primary school, having gone to a different school, made new friends. I, myself, moved on and made new friends too. At first, everyone would try to make exceptions and try to go to the mall and hang out because we’re still trying to get used to the new people that would surround us for the years to come.

Eventually, everyone moves on and hangs out with their new friends, with old friends lost in the corner of their mind. That being said, there were still a few friends who weren’t lost and forgotten.

It was because of the first huge movement from primary school to secondary school that I’ve come to realize that we all have to move on. We all eventually have to let go. We all eventually have to let people slide away from our lives. We all eventually have to let new people slide into the now empty spaces.

It’s one of the things that we all have to go through, we all have to learn along the way.

But nobody said that it would be easy. Nobody said that letting go of friends would be easy. Nobody warned that by letting go of friends, you might have a small little hole that no one would be able to fill. Nobody warned that letting go of friends would lead to loneliness and countless nights of reminiscing.

I’m a person who have let a lot of people slide away from my life throughout the years.

But that does not mean that I’m a person who did not struggle from the lack of people in my life.

That does not mean that I’m a person who does not experience loneliness.

Because I have the tendency to let too many people slide at the same time.


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