For about a year now, I’ve been restricting myself from sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

On nights where the air is cooling, my sleep would be relatively uninterrupted. Though, on nights where the air is more humid, I would wake up with perspire all over.

But other than these effects, something else has changed in my body.

I’m not a very slim person. To be honest, I’m quite large – horizontally. And hence, I usually don’t get cold easily.

But ever since I started not sleeping in air-conditioned room, I find myself getting cold much easier in air-conditioned room and even in the car. I’m sitting at the corner of my room, at my desk, feeling cold because my air-conditioner is on.

I don’t even understand my own body heat anymore.

I don’t even know why I’m sharing this! Heh!


5 thoughts on “Cold.

    1. I know right! I need it to cool the room while I sleep, and yet, 2 successive days of “air-conditioned room” sleeping gives me flu. 😦

      1. You just have to set it just low enough to cool down and high enough to not get sick. I don’t have one anymore since the last one (and only one) broke down and I can’t afford a new one. 😦

      2. I guess you’re right! 🙂

        Aw!! I hope the summer’s not round the corner for you! And that this year’s heat isn’t unbearable!

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