There’s something about coats that is tremendously attractive to me.

I hadn’t realize how much coats had an effect on me until I was watching the episode of Doctor Who where Captain Jack Harkness reunited with The Doctor after establishing Torchwood. (Prior to that episode, I had no idea that Captain Jack had a long soldier coat.) I guess it’s a little embarrassing to say but I had very much became a fan of the coat from that point on.

But prior to watching that episode, I had watched Sherlock many times and we all know that the famous consulting detective has an infamous long coat. That long coat had also caught my attention from the very first time I watched the very first episode of Sherlock.

Doctor Who brought about characters with long coats as well – the Tenth doctor wearing his long brown coat and the Eleventh doctor wearing his black long coat in the later seasons. 

I assure you, I might actually go on and on about the different characters with long coats that automatically attracts me. But that’s really besides the point.

Actually, I don’t even know what the point of this post is. I guess, I’m kinda just sharing my love for long coats.

I even found myself telling my mother about fifteen minutes ago that I would like to buy a coat – even though Singapore’s weather will never permit wearing one without looking like a mad woman.

Either way, this was most definitely a random post of the evening and I hope you’ve had fun reading it.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂


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