First of all, I need to apologize for not writing for the past few weeks although it has been the holidays. I was away on vacation for two weeks and prior to that I had been busy planning and packing for said trip. Not to mention, while I was there, I neither had the energy, content nor mood to come up with posts. Therefore, the lack of any posts for the past three weeks. So sorry about that. 

To cut things short, I want to just let the cat out of the bag – I was in gorgeous America for my vacation. It had been awesome and thinking back about my trip from now, I can only say that there is one thing that I’ve learnt. And that is to accept.

When I first got there, I realized that I had been unconsciously avoiding and putting my guards up against a certain race. And I realized how this particular action of mine had very completely gone against everything morally right that I’ve uphold.

So throughout the past two weeks, I had a very important reminder that we really just gotta accept.

We have to stop criticizing, discriminating against others because they’re different. Instead, we should really just accept and come to terms that people all around the world from different countries will always have different cultures from yourself, people will always have different races, different religions, different sexuality. And we have to accept it.

Because diversity is the very thing that every single species requires. We’re born to be different. That’s what evolution is for. Plus, imagine if every single person you meet on the streets were the same as you, how absolutely boring would that sort of world be, right?

This very important thing that I’ve learnt was actually lost within myself over the past few months, constantly complaining about almost everything under the sun. But yeah, I’m glad this reminder came about it. Because don’t forget, every single human are the same. We’ve still got bloods and all the other organs operating our very being. So, don’t go around treating everyone different.

Have a great week ahead!

Side note: The new semester’s starting tomorrow… I have a pretty shitty timetable for next semester, but I’ll just pull through it. I’m currently actually really, really tired and I’m honestly on the verge of falling asleep even though I have yet to pack my bag for tomorrow. I just hope that tomorrow would be a smooth sailing day. Right, I shall go and pack right about now. 


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