I come online today and only have one thing to admit.

I’ve got nothing actually meaningful to write this week. I’m still in the course of figuring the new mix of emotions that had set in since school reopened. In the meantime, this week, I’ll just write about something completely random and pointless.

I am honestly 100% hopeless at drawing.

This semester, I’ve got this new module that’s basically a design/art module. And gosh, I really, really dislike it. I don’t dislike the lecturer or anything. I just detest the fact that I’ve got to be drawing. x.x

I’ve got this homework that I’ve got to complete by next week, and I’m really dreading the whole redrawing process. Sigh.

It’s not like it’s something that I’ve never known. I’ve always known that I absolutely suck at drawing and I’ve always known that I’m much better at writing than drawing. But damn, this module definitely gave me a smack in the face.


I was catching up on The Blacklist and guess what’s my current obsession? Glass Animals’ Exxus. 


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