I’ve come to realize recently that I’m going into a state of bundled emotions.

At some point this week, my mind mentally reminded myself that deadlines of projects are nearing, and my mind’s internal response to that was to panic. Internally.*

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that before, or maybe I have and I’ve forgotten about it. Mind you, I’m not really good at remembering feelings I’ve experienced before. So, when I felt that in my head, my own mind got taken aback. (Maybe some other parts of it, I don’t know.)

And yet, on the other spectrum, I’m also feeling calm.

I mean, just what in the world is going on with my feelings? It’s just conflicting and confusing and completely illogical. But then of course, some part of my mind just started wondering if feelings were supposed to be logical anyway.

Either way, I’m really not dealing well with these feelings and I really just want to prioritize my time – which I have been failing miserably at. It’s quite pathetic.

Yeap, another look into the messy thoughts in my head.

*It all happened in my mind and never translated into actual physical actions.


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