War (n.) 1. a struggle to achieve a goal.

Most of us are bound to have goals, and most of us are most likely working towards that goal daily. I know I have them. But here’s a question that I found asking myself recently.

Have you ever asked yourself what you’re fighting against?

There are always so many things fighting against us, preventing us from achieving our goals. Of course, the most common struggle is our own procrastination, lack of motivation and laziness. But have you thought of time as your enemy?

There’s only twenty-four hours a day, sixty minutes an hour, sixty seconds a minute.  Some days there’s more than enough time and we finish our own allocated work early. Some days there’s just not enough to finish the work that we’ve allocated ourselves. The only reason why I started taking time as my enemy is because time is the only thing that remains constant. Time never changes. It’s always changing, always moving.

Time is the one thing that will never slow down for you, the one thing that will always remain ruthless.

Time is really what I’m fighting against. Because time can never be replaced, time can never rewind.


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