Funerals are for the living and not for the dead.

I’ll just put that out there. A funeral of a loved one is merely a ceremony done for the living to feel better when going through all the rituals. Because trust me, there is literally  no way of knowing whether or not anything that we’re doing here in this funeral will actually get to the passed. For all you know, they have passed on and moved on to a whole other world even before we started with all the ceremonies.

Having recently had a close relative pass away, I’ve come to a complete conclusion that I fucking hate funerals. Yes, I respect that for many people, a funeral is truly where things come to a complete and the circle closes. But honestly, it just brings about so much pain and sadness to the living who are engaging in all these rituals.

The past few days have been filled with confusion, sadness and laughter. All of which is just a part and parcel of life. And I’d just like to say, that when someone passes away, it’s really not something to be crying over. It should be something that is celebrated, because we celebrate that the person have lived their life, we celebrate that the person have stayed strong enough to live to whatever age that they’ve lived to, we celebrate everything that the person has endured through and persevered on.

At eighteen years old, I can honestly tell you that living is really not easy. Sure, it’s easy to breathe everyday, it’s easy to wake up everyday, but it sometimes gets fucking difficult to get out of bed and go on with life, to face life with whatever challenges that the day holds for you. And the fact that these people, even though they’ve passed on for whatever reason, they’ve (hopefully) lived their lives to the fullest and persevered through all the hardships and challenges that had went their way.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, will feel like giving up and doing silly things in order to stop the pain, stop the confusion. Everyone will feel that. I, myself, have felt that countless times some years back.

But we should all remind ourselves that it takes more courage and bravery to live on, to persevere on, to be determined enough to work on your goals than to give up and leave this world. Yes, it takes much more effort and more energy to face on the world and show them what you’re made of. And most of the times, it may feel like it’s absolutely redundant and that there’s no way that anything can be achieved.

Trust me though, with enough effort, with enough time put in, every fucking thing can be done. There’s nothing that cannot be achieved. And we should never, ever give up.
So, I would just like to give a shout out to everyone who’s internally struggling right now, DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP NOW. You’ve lived to this point of your life not for you to give up on your life. You’ve lived to this point of your life to continue living for the years to come. There’s nothing more amazing than feeling the achievement, to feeling alive. And I want you to feel that too. So don’t you dare give up and continue persevering on!


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