Is the working life going to be filled with endless lack of sleep, constant unhappiness?

If you haven’t already knew, I’m not an adult. I’m more like a teen getting pushed into adulthood.

Here’s what really triggered this post though. This morning I was getting waffle for breakfast at the waffle stall. Because of my yawning while waiting for my waffle and a conversation I had with the auntie, I got hit by a truck, sudden and with much gusto. Not literally, of course.

Life as a student is nothing like life as an adult. And I really mean by nothing.

As a student, we’re pretty much in a protected environment. We still get to yell out “‘cher, he’s disturbing me!” when our peers are being disturbing. But ain’t nobody gonna be helping you when you’re in the workforce.

Come to think of it, that’s just sad.

I’ve always been at awe towards how my mom deals with life. She gets an average of less than 5 hours of sleep per day, and yet she takes care of so many things during the hours that she’s awake. I swear to god, sometimes I feel like my mom is superwoman. And for that, I really respect and love her.

Sigh, thinking about going into adulthood puts me in denial. I don’t think I’m ready. >.<


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