Treatment (n.)

the manner in which someone behaves towards or deal with someone or something.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how you’ve been treating the friends around you?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about it a little more about this matter. And it’s honestly saddening that the more I think about it, the more I feel emotionally sad about how people have been treating others. I’m not complaining or anything but especially how my friends have treated me.

I’m the sort of person who would reply to text messages pretty promptly, and if any of my friends asks me for help or advice and whatnots, I tend to reply them. I don’t know why, maybe it’s my OCPD that constantly wants to clear the notification away. Or maybe it’s just my curiosity.

But I’m also not the sort of person who would tell people about many things in my life. I do not go around telling everyone the things that have been troubling me, I generally don’t even tell people what I really feel because most of the times, I would hurt their feelings. And yeah, sometimes people might find me a very difficult person to be friends with. I’m sorry, but I’m really just not comfortable with sharing things with you if I’m not. This has been changing a whole lot though, I’ve been speaking more freely these days.. and hopefully not offending people. 

Something has been happening for about a year now and I hadn’t even realised it until days ago. For that, I’m disappointed at myself.

There is a group of people who I know that would call each other a family. And yet, when people start falling out, they do not even give a shit about you. Instead, some of them would even put the blame on you, for not putting in the effort to stick around. If that’s called being a part of a family, I think everyone in there is either extremely superficial or extremely naive.

Being a part of a family means that you’re unconditionally accepting one another for all the flaws and weaknesses that one would possess. It means that these people will be there to help you grow, help you learn, help you be a better person. Nothing that I’ve mentioned had been what I had experienced with this group of people.

I walked out months ago, stopped going for events, not a single word to ask if everything’s okay, not a single word to ask if I would be going the next week.

I’m sorry, but that, is not the environment for me. Full of faces with superficial words and superficial expressions. Full of faces that smile at you but are internally stabbing you. I believe to many of them, it was just a means to an end.

And honestly, I could not be more disappointed at the people I called friends.

Just to round it all up, I’d like to say… Think about how you treat your friends, and how you want others to treat you. Because chances are, however that you’re treating your friends are exactly how they will be treating you. Choose wisely.

Don’t let yourself be me, having disappointments and regrets at the friends you’ve made.


2 thoughts on “Treatment.

  1. I think sometimes, if we’re really understanding and supportive with friends, they begin taking that support for granted. So they initiate contact only when they really need emotional support. It sucks, frankly. And I wish people would also stop trying to hide this by saying that the other person is at fault because they’re not staying in touch. All we can do is hope that these people realize that they’re losing a really good friend! Hope you find a great, understanding friend soon!

  2. Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I guess everyone has this realization at some point in their life, resulting them to treat their friends better. I just hope that more people realizes it and starts cherishing the friends around them.

    Thanks, I hope you’ll keep your friends close and continue to find understanding friends too! 🙂

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