I had a terrible morning.

As a source of comfort, I called my mother during my break. Our conversation actually made me feel like I’ve been giving tonnes of excuses and avoiding the real problem.

The thing is, it’s not enough that you acknowledge the mistakes that you make. It never stops there.

The most important part, and arguably the most difficult part is the next part – correction.

You can identify your mistakes many times throughout your life, but you don’t do anything to make changes, if you don’t take action to make changes, how will your mistakes will ever be corrected?

That’s exactly where I’m stuck at. And that’s exactly what I’m lacking.

I’ve identified my mistakes, my problems and yet I’m not putting in any effort to change it. And I’m using the excuse of “it’s a habit you see!”.

That’s fucking sad because even if habits are slightly more difficult to change, anything can be done with conscientiousness and determination.

Guess I need to work on that too.


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