Unstable Emotions.

I’ve actually been wanting to write this post for quite some time now, but having all the assignments due last week and this week, I didn’t have the time to write anything. Plus, somehow or another, every time I attempt to write, no content comes.

I think for these couple of weeks has been the longest period of time at which my emotions have been such a wreck. There have been multiple moments where I feel like yelling and yet crying at the same time. It has always been happening at some point during a semester, but never for so long.

I guess the main reason is that this semester has been the most grueling, tiring, exhausting semester I had ever endured. Never have I ever felt so demotivated (because of tiredness) before. The fact that term tests occurred only after term break didn’t help a single bit with resting my brain.

Right at this very moment, I can safely tell you that up to this very moment, I’ve never felt so stressed before. Even when I was taking my GCE O Levels, I was nowhere near this stressed out. Guess that’s also the reason why I had two fevers within 6 months (never in my life had that ever happened before).

But you know what? I’ve survived it. Tomorrow will be the last day of the semester and after my exams I’ll be done with these modules. I swear, I’m so freaking done with school and I just want to go on complete R&R and get the most amount of rest I’ve ever gotten.


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