Why in the world do you tolerate that?

That, in this case can mean an endless number of things. It can mean an annoying behaviour that someone puts on, an annoying person, an annoying situation… I don’t think you need me to list them all.

For years I have asked this very question to a number of people. And for years I’ve never really gotten a great answer for it. The answer has almost always been meh. But recently, I believe I have found the answer…

Lately, I found myself in the position where I have been tolerating a particular behavior for some time now. And it wasn’t until hours ago that I really thought about it. It, of course, also wasn’t until hours ago that I caught my brain questioning me really quietly, “why in the world have you been tolerating that if you hate it so much??”

And my own answer to the very question itself?

Because it’s life, dude. 

These things that we have been tolerating, these are things that we have completely no control over. These are things that we cannot even begin to change because they are controlled by external forces.

For example, there’s no freaking way that I am able to change a particularly annoying habit that my mom has and therefore I have to tolerate it. Even if I start to voice out to my mom about her bad habit, I still have no control over whether or not she will change because that decision is ultimately hers and hers alone. The only decision and the only change that I can make is whether or not I want to tolerate it, how much tolerance do I have for it, how can I fix this problem on my own.

And that applies to every other thing that I have been tolerating my entire life. Every other thing.

That’s why… Ultimately, the only answer that I can give myself as to why I have been tolerating all these __________ (fill in your own blank because the words in my head are nasty) is life.

And yes, it’s completely up to you as to whether you want to tolerate something or someone. The easiest way, of course, is to completely cut off the matter. But of course, if you choose to stay and tolerate it, then I sure do advise that you should always have a tolerance limit as well as an escape plan. Because no matter where you go, there’s always going to be something that will need your tolerance, and sometimes that something needs to be escaped from. So hang in there human, we’ll get through it, together and separately. *inserts motivating emoji*

Strangely enough, the common phrase of “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade” is a very appropriate phrase to be used when talking about tolerance. I honestly never expected myself to be using such a phrase but it sure happened.


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