What I Want, Pt II.

Two months ago, I wrote that all I wanted was to curl up in bed, with the air-conditioning and watch movies and television shows all day.

Two months later, currently having my semester break and I still haven’t gotten that day where I just curl in bed all day doing nothing but watching movies and television series. In fact, I had barely had a day where I stayed in bed the entire day. It’s such a shame.

Now however, instead of wanting to watch movies and television series all day… all I want to do is to sleep well into the afternoon, and I really mean by well in the afternoon, probably stuff some food into my body when I get out of bed, and I’ll probably crawl back into the bed and read some Murakami.

I don’t know what has happened, but between the time I wrote that post and now, I’d rather pick up a good book to read than to watch television shows. Perhaps there’s a part of me that’s afraid of facing the almost inevitable fact of getting obsessed with a particular show (trust me, that happens way too many times). And even though I do have got shows to watch, I haven’t started on any of them, worried that I will end up having withdrawals when I’m finally done with them.

It’s just like the same last year. Instead, I had really wanted to pick up books to read and instead only binged on Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Though, all of that being said, I am still in absolute mood to rewatch Sherlock even though I’ve watched it so many times and most of the time I would fall asleep watching it.

Ultimately, all I want is more sleep. It’s the holidays and I’m feeling just as sleep-deprived, it’s bloody ridiculous. Sleep, read, eat and watch. That’s pretty much all I want to do. The first three being the more important, of course.


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