As part of trying to better myself, I have been observing the people around me recently. As much as the people around me, seeing as it’s semester break, is pretty much only my parents and the friends that I somehow manage to meet… There isn’t many people to look at.

And yet, observing these people have been enough to notice something horribly wrong with how I’ve been behaving.

As mentioned before previously, I’m generally not a nice person to be around with. If you’re not already intimidated by my face (I have a naturally fierce looking resting face), then you’ll probably get intimidated when I end up raising my voice at you – which for some reason, I usually almost always do.

Well, I’ve always known that it has been unpleasant to the receiving party and I’ve constantly been trying to correct that. But these couple of days, I realised just exactly how irksome it actually is, becoming the receiving party of another person. And because of that, I hate speaking to certain people at certain moments. What a hypocrite I am huh?

But either way, if you’re experiencing that same problem, having flare at people or suddenly speak really loudly at people because of your own frustrations, just remember to breathe.

That’s probably the single most easiest thing to achieve and yet something that we all somehow forget to do when we’re frustrated with ourselves. Which I often forget and end up using a “harsh” tone to people.

Ultimately, I’m still fucking done with toning it down when speaking to people. At the same time, I still feel a need to correct it.

So here’s to me and all the other people out there who needs to breathe more and stop making people feel uneasy and unpleasant. There’s actually a whole list of feelings that this unpleasant tone of speaking will bring about, but let’s not delve into that.

Remember, just breathe and collect your thoughts and tones before bellowing anything. Let’s work on that together. 🙂


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