I’ve never thought that there could be a word that would hurt so much.

But it wasn’t until something happened sometime last week that I had realized how much one word could hurt. The revelation was sudden but correlated many things together.

Think about it, have you ever been in a competition and was so close to getting the gold medal? Have you ever taken a test and was merely one mark away from passing or getting an A? Have you ever very nearly gotten into a committee where tasks would be trusted upon you to be completed? Have you ever very nearly entered a relationship but circumstances prevented it?

The things mentioned above, even though I’ve only experienced some, every of the “event” had hurt me.

It’s only one simple word, but it hurts af. Because every time you look back and think about that event, you’ll remember that dejected feeling from when you almost got the gold medal and didn’t get it; you’ll remember that disappointed feeling from when you were one mark away from passing your math paper.

The word ‘almost’ would almost always bring negative feelings back to you.

And I don’t think there’s any other word that could hurt me as much as ‘almost’ right now.


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