The thing that we all really need in Singapore – a storm. The haze has apparently returned the last weekend and got really bad on Monday night, and so we actually really need a storm to drain out the haze. It doesn’t seem like it’s happening though.

The new semester started yesterday and I really feel extremely unprepared for the new semester. It’s just… slightly overwhelming, I guess. Though at the same time, it does feel extremely familiar.

Anyway, as of the beginning of every semester, I worry about a number of things. I’m not gonna talk about that, let’s not spoil the mood. It’s Tuesday, and I don’t have school, and I’ve been enjoying the day in. It’s been pretty wonderful, even though I’ve created a backlog of things to be done, as usual. I even told myself to get out of the house and go to a cafe just to make sure that I’d be productive but noooooo, that didn’t happen.

It’s alright though, I like days like this where I stay at home and slack around. The only problem is the guilt I feel when I haven’t done anything remotely productive. That’s the worst part.

Anyway, here’s to another semester. And even though I feel a storm brewing, I hope it’ll be a good one.


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