I read this tweet recently about “love is a feeling, love is a choice.” It talked about how love is a conscious commitment, something that you choose to make work everyday with a person who has chosen to do the same thing.

I agree so wholeheartedly you probably wouldn’t understand.

At my age, I see people getting into relationships, people seemingly “falling in love” and being almost always together regardless of where they went. And I get confused. At least up to this point in my life, I don’t understand why two people can’t just leave a little space for one another. And it does sometimes irk me. But I guess, they made a choice to stay together no matter what, a conscious decision not to let the other go. Yet at the same time, I wonder if it would be healthy and if it would bring adverse effects on the break up (which would probably be inevitable to relationships entered in this age).

But recently, I watch my parents day in, day out. They work together, so their conversation always varies – talking about family and work, all mixed up now. And because they work together, with one being more bossy than the other, there’s often scolding or yelling – probably whichever you take to be more severe.

In a relationship like this, even though there is work mixed into it, it is still a romantic relationship. But the feeling of love would probably have already faded a long time ago. They’re always complaining about each other, sometimes shouting and expressing unhappiness with each other.

But one thing that prevailed was that at the end of the day, they still climb into bed together. They still laugh with each other, they still tease each other, they still make jokes. And they’re still there for each other.

I truly believe, love is a choice to make. Or if not love, being together is a choice. It’s something that you have to choose to maintain. And I do have to say, it’s probably not going to be easy.

Sorry if this post was a little messy. My thoughts are still kinda all over the place. And sorry for the late post too but meh, whatever. Have a great day! 


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