This week, certain lecturers made us leave our houses and go to places that we don’t usually go to. Thinking about going out because of school work made me a little annoyed, now that the weekdays are over and I think about it… It was actually kinda fun.

I’ve come to the point in the semester where I’ve lost a lot of motivation for school. But this week, this break that I never needed actually helped me to re-motivate myself.



By exploring, by coming home to work to do and not having new work adding on everyday actually helped make me want to do my work.And you know, going to places you don’t usually go to actually really brings out a different part of the city to you. It made me feel like this city actually has so much more that people forget, that in our busy lives, we don’t notice them anymore.

Here’s why, always try to explore the city you live in. Take a break and go out to enjoy yourself. 🙂


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