Motivated? Ha.

Remember my last post, I wrote about how having a break made me more motivated about doing work?

Yeah, well, that happened only at the spur at the moment. Back at school today was tough. I just felt like dragging myself around, yet at the same time, I know that I need to get pitiful mind off the ground because term tests are coming and I’m pretty behind on revision (as usual).

Cue the nights of midnight oil. Damn.

Honestly, I feel like I’m mentally too tired to even stay up to burn the midnight oil. But I doubt I have much choice to begin with so…

I really just got to push on.

Sigh, let’s hope all is well.

I know that my schedule has been pretty messed up lately, but as hopefully can be told from this post, most days I’m too tired to even turn on my laptop by the time I get home… So, I might be posting even more irregularly towards the end of the year because of term tests. Thanks for still supporting though! 


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