Relationship Goals?

I surprisingly just feel like blogging tonight so… I guess I will.

I just thought I’d share about some thoughts that people and myself have been having… And just how I feel about it after thinking through it.

So recently I kinda got hooked on watching these YouTube vloggers (WahlieTV) and been kinda just bingeing and catching up on their lives. I can’t really explain why I like watching their videos, but well yeah, basically almost all my time I’m wasting, I’d be watching their videos. Hahaha.

But that’s kinda besides the point. Well basically, they are a couple living in San Francisco and to keep the long story short, they’re a really cute couple.

Along the way I’ve just kinda gotten attached to their lives and their vlogs and just watching what a cute couple they are kinda always make me think “oh those are relationship goals right there”.

And it’s not just them, it’s just a lot of other tweets/posts all over the social media with boyfriends/girlfriends doing nice things for each other. More often than not, the same thought would run through. “Oh wow goals right there”.

Now that I actually sit down and think about it (quite inappropriately, might I add, because I’m supposed to be researching), this is really not a healthy thought.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to think about having “relationship goals” but… It’s not exactly right either.

Well first of all, relationships aren’t supposed to be goals? Coming from an inexperienced person myself, I would think that relationships are more like guess and check? You’ll never know what kind of a relationship you’ll like or what kind of a person you’d like. With that unpredictable factor alone, you really can’t expect every single one of the person you like to have the same personality and do the same type of unpredictable small little things, do you? That wouldn’t exactly be fair to the other person, to always be compared to some other guy/girl who used to buy whatever it is for you.

Secondly, not every relationship is the same. A couple can be really cutesy and mushy while another can be more sarcastic/snarky/less cute and mushy. A couple can behave very different from another but ultimately, it’s still a relationship.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is… Don’t try to expect too much from a relationship, regardless of whether you’re already in a relationship or not? Thing is, if you are in a relationship and you expect your s/o to be all perfect and do all these things that you think your s/o knows you want… When they don’t do it, you’ll be really sad.

The same for if you’re not already relationship, or maybe worse. Because then you’ll be expecting things from your s/o that you haven’t already met. There will be literally no way s/he will know what you’re thinking.

So you know, just… keep them goals aside and take your relationship as happy as it is. 🙂

Don’t know why I suddenly felt like writing about this but… sorry ’bout the language. My brain has apparently decided to go ghetto and I can’t really write proper sentences at this point so… Yeah, I promise I’ll write better the next time, haha. 


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