There are people where you don’t speak to for years and when you finally do, there are things to be said, thoughts to be caught up on. There are people where you meet every single day and there’s nothing to be said.

There are friends where you meet once in a while and share everything with you. But there are also friends where you meet once in a while and talk about the most general things in life.

And I guess that’s why, it really shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter whether you meet up with a friend regularly, shouldn’t matter whether you speak to a friend regularly. It shouldn’t matter as long as you’re always there for them when they need your help. And you know that they’ll be there when you need their help, that’s when friendships are worth keeping.

A friend texted me a few weeks ago, sort of asking for advice as to what should be done. A friend that I don’t talk to much anymore. And of course, I replied earnestly because I’m just the sort of person, the sort of friend. And I didn’t think much of it.

It wasn’t until I hung out with another friend (whom I’ve really haven’t hung out with for years) over the weekends that I realised what it feels like to have a good, healthy friendship.

I never realised how much I actually appreciate it when friends are so willing to share their emotions and life, so willing to ask for help (from me) when they meet an obstacle.

Thanks friends, for reminding me that I’m actually important and I made an impact in your lives, for reminding me that I’m not really that much of an asshole of a friend.

I read this the other day and it really opened my mind.

Now I do wonder if the friends I’ve let slip away, are they really gone?ย 


2 thoughts on “Friends.

  1. I think once we achieve a certain level of friendship with someone, we can’t truly ever let go, and neither can they. Whatever the circumstances were, the moments spent together are always remembered, aren’t they? I at least feel that way about friends who’ve slipped out of my life.

    And that post you linked is interesting too. It’s comforting to hope that the Ripple effect might be true ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, I totally agree. Sometimes I have to remind myself that even though the times we had were good, the friends who slipped away as well as myself have moved on from then. Time doesn’t freeze moments. Memories does.

      And yeah, it really is comforting to hope that such an effect is true. It would be nice to know that you’ve effected someone in such a way, I guess it would be even nicer if you knew that you’ve affected someone in such a way. But either way, we are all important to the ones who love us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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