Have you ever wondered, what makes us humans?

Is it the ability to think? To be able to communicate with each other through a common tongue? Or is it the innate ability to feel?

If it was the ability to feel then… I’m siding towards not wanting it. Then again, obviously I’ve got no control over things like emotions.

Yet at the same time, how can the ability to feel be the one characteristic that humans exclusively possess? We’ve all seen posts of animals (especially mothers) being protective of their pups. That’s gotta mean that they have the ability to feel too right, the ability to feel like they should protect their children?

If that’s the case, isn’t it a little far fetched to say that humans exclusively experience feelings, emotions?

Quite honestly, sometimes I feel like feelings are detrimental and good for nothing.

But how, how can we stop feeling without losing our very identity, without losing our very selves?


One thought on “Emotions.

  1. Elephants can and do cry and can be seen mourning collectively over the bones of those that have passed. What makes us human is that we have a soul and that we are aware of it, which in turn gives us a conscience. If you are not religious, I guess you will struggle with this one. Basically, we had some sort of ‘awakening’ eons back and realised one day that there is actually a God/ Higher Power and that we can communicate with it – that’s really the only fundamental difference imho.
    …And God told Man that he was guardian over the animals and that they were ours to look after. And look what a mess we’ve made of it.

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