I don’t have much to share lately. There has been a lot on my mind. They’re not exactly what you would call pretty. 

Something happened along the way. I got more angsty, I’m losing my cool, I’m losing my touch. My melancholy is haunting me, and it’s slowly affecting relationships with my friends. 

Yet, I don’t know what happened that triggered this. I’m ashamed of myself, but I don’t even know what is the problem to solve. I don’t even know what’s the cause of this problem. 

Maybe there’s been too much negativity in my life. Maybe I am actively seeking out for positivity. But most probably, at the same time, I’m creating negativity to people around me. 

Maybe it’s the stress from trying to maintain the gpa, maybe it’s the insanity of the fast paced last semester I’m having in school, maybe it’s the stress that things are not going as planned, not meeting expectations. 

Maybe it’s just my expectations have increased while at the same time, my procrastination has as well. It’s not supposed to be a direct relationship. Productivity and procrastination is supposed to be an inverse relationship. And now the procrastination is winning. 

Maybe all these are just fucking excuses for my laziness and my guilt. 

But here’s what’s been up in these two weeks: 

And with these photos, I’m going to say: I’m officially take a hiatus here. I’ve ran out of words to say and I’ve got my grades to maintain.

The world needs my full attention right now.

And I’ll be back soon!

In the meantime, my Instagram will still be fairly active. 


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