I spend days after days watching a particularly spectacular television series and I lose myself in those days. Sometimes I forget to come back.

I forget what it’s like to speak to people other than myself.

I don’t feel like turning on the lights and just sit in the dark, doing nothing. 

I spend too much time with my thoughts. I end up forgetting to speak a little lighter, smile a little more, be a little nicer.

I forget that people come and go – getting frustrated at others for not being up to expectations, forgetting to cherish the times spent together with friends, forgetting to remember that these moments could very well be the final few before our graduation.

I forget that as nice as lying around doing absolute nothing productive is, I am still doing absolutely nothing productive and not helping with my life.

I forget to let go and stop being so uptight. Or I forget to be stressed out and remember that I’ve got so much at stake.

It hits me harder than usual that I’m almost moving forward to the next chapter of my life and I really need to start preparing for it.

Procrastination and laziness tends to get the better of me.

I just need reminders that: nothing will happen unless I do something.


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