What do people really see when they look me in the eye?

Do you see the unexplained sadness that resides within me? Do you see the overwhelming anger at the world for its unfairness and ignorance? Do you see the content and gratefulness that I have for the selection of good food that I’m always not too far away from? Do you see the endless tiredness that resides in my eyes? Do you see the curiosity that is often lost to the world?

What do people think when they see these expressions on my face?

Would you think about the reasons why I’d be feeling sadness, anger? Or would you think that I’m just another attention-seeking teenager who’s just too ungrateful for all the good in the world?

Would you think that I’m an idiot and proceed to speak to me as if I’m a 15 year old, or respect that I’m still growing and learning and help with the process? Or would you think that I’m just another arrogant prick who thinks she knows it all?

I believe that the things we see in people’s faces, eyes, expressions are only as far as we choose to see. Many a times, we choose to see but we choose not to observe. We choose to assume but we choose not to understand.

There’s always something to understand, there’s always something to accept.

But do we always make the choice of understanding and accepting? Do we always look beyond the initial repulse and understand what’s going on?

Or do we choose to expect the worst from everyone and be unhappy with the world?

The choices we make will continually define us.


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